Tzigane *Pb*
Schabernack by Schöner Abend
Rositten by Sterndeuter
Traumulus by Hansakapitän
Gitarre by Keith
Ramzes AA by Rittersporn xx
Constanze by Humboldt
Themse II
Goldgraf by Maigraf xx
Thea by Gigant

Trakehnermare family of S9A2 Tekoa (old Toga family)

born 1998, Breeder: Zenda Farrell, USA; Owner: Kim Hunter, USA

Approved: Trakehner

Decktaxe 2015: 800 Euro (live cover). Outstanding frozen semen with proven success rate available.

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Tzigane *Pb* is an American bred, born, approved and performance tested Trakehner stallion. We are truly excited that we were able to attract this noble and successful show jumper for the German Trakehner breed (a big "Thank You" to our friends at Trakehner Sires Worldwide for making this possible!). The German Trakehner Verband approved Tzigane based on his performance record in late 2009 and we wasted no time to get him to Germany. Not only his outstanding pedigree makes him a great addition in Germany - as a show jumper, Tzigane performed at US Levels 8 and 9 (1.45m), but he becan his career in eventing.

After his 2001 ATA approval, Tzigane was ridden by US Eventing Team member Mike Huber (TX). As a 5yr old, he was the most successful Trakehner at Training Level in North America, and stood 5th in the Nation. In early 2006, the stallion switched disciplines and riders, and since then, has been presented by Helmut Schrant (IL) in show jumping. In their first season together, they won at M level. Beginning with 2007, the pair won and placed at S level and in 2008, Tzigane jumped his first Grand Prix. Towards the fall season in 2009, he managed to accumulate the last necessary wins and places for Verband approval within only 2 weeks and multiple events. For years now, Tzigane has been the ATA's most successful approved show jumping stallion with numerous Horse of the Year awards to his name. Tzigane was presented for the first time in Germany in February of 2010 at the Trakehner Stallion Show in Münster-Handorf. Later that year, he participated at the NMS Gala Show, jumping over fire and then graced the cover of the 2011 Gala Program with that impressive jump (see below). For one season, he competed at M and S level show jumping in Holstein under Inga Czwalina.

The oldest get sired by Tzigane are just as versatile as their sire. His offspring have placed and won in dressage, show jumping, and eventing and are special favorites with children and amateur riders. A gallery of his offspring can be found below. We are thankful to "Team Taz" for this opportunity and look forward to starting his first home-bred offspring under saddle in Majenfelde in 2015.


The dam
Tekoa was exported to the US as a young mare and founded a new branch of her family in the ATA. She was a full sister of the stallions Tarim (Inter I dressage) and Tempelritter, who both had some success in the Trakehner breed. Tarim's most famous daughter was the National Champion mare 1988, Gute Sitte, whose daughter Gute Gesellschaft produced the S level dressage horse Don Jueves (Oldenburg by Donnerhall). Tarim is also the dam sire of the international Grand Prix dressage horse Lamborghini (Anja Plönzke). Tempelritter sired the internatiohal event horse Herzjuwel *Pg*. Furthermore, Tekoa is a full sister to the influential brood mare St.Pr.St. Thila II, who founded a small, but very good mare family at the famous Hämelschenburg Stud in Germany. This small branch of the family stands for the S level dressage horse Tylord, the M level dressage horse Thyras and the NMS Reserve Champion and PSG-successful Trocadero (UK).

The old Toga-family, which today is named after Toga's dam Sabine, stands for a number of very important stallions and especially mares that helped to create a very athletic family that is represented at advanced levels in both dressage and show jumping today. Toga by Totilas was dam of the approved Thor, a Trakehner that was predominantly used in the Hessia breed with long-lasting success. His sons Fiothor and Tango still have an excellent name for the performance ability of their offspring - Thor's Trakehner son Mandant is known as a top notch show jumper producer, and despite little usage in the Trakehner breed, is sire of the Trakehner stallions Arc de Triomphe (sire of the 1.60m show jumper and approved stallion Picobello), Machandel (Puissance level show jumper for Poland), and Pondor. Another approved son of Thor was Hagedorn II, and the mare Heraklia not only produced the outstanding in hand driving mare Helena, but also the ATA's approved Hailo *Pg*E* with success at Grand Prix dressage and offspring at the same level in competition.

Also out of Toga was Heros, a full brother to Thor. What Thor did for Hessia, Heros did for his own breed by siring the very important Tümmler and Tiparillo, as well as foundation mares of such caliber as Tertia III, Luna, Lonka, Lisett, Limona, or Herbstnacht II. Tümmler alone, through his sons Tenor and Tivano, helped to shape the young Trakehner breed after WWII. Later, as a stallion in the US, he continued to produced highly athletic horses with a dominant talent for eventing - wonderfully represented by his son Alladdin, Natalie Rooney's CCI**** evening gelding who competed at Rolex and Burghley.

The dam sire Condus was one of those stallions that left Germany and a few years later, the early departure was an apparent loss for the breed in Europe. Condus had made a name of himself as a good dressage sire and being one of only two direct sons of the century sire Ramzes AA in the Trakehner breed, especially his daughters were regarded with a lot of interest. In the US, he became a very important stallion due to the fact that he sired athletic horses that were naturally dual talents and several of his daughters left significant offspring in North America. Possibly the most important offspring in his approved son Leonidas *Pg*, who was a successful Grand Prix dressage horse and is a consistent producer of dressage horses up to FEI levels.

Condus' sire Ramzes AA was an Angloarabian stallion of profound impact on worldwide sport horse breeds. The "R" of his line exists in Holstein via Ramiro and in Oldenburg and Westfalia via Rubinstein - clearly two very diverse and athletic lines, all tracing back to one stallion. Ramzes AA influence on the Trakehner breed was slim, but wherever he appears, athletic horses were the result. E.g. the Klosterhof Medingen jumper family of Caravelle also goes back to Ramzes AA. Her family is small but mighty, with such outstanding represenatatives as Come Close (best jumper in NMS, successful at M level as a 6yr old), Böttcher's Caprice (S level show jumper) and Caravelli (advanced level eventer).

The sire
Graditz was one of the ATA's most popular and successful sires over the past 20 years and produced Grand Prix performers for both dressage (e.g. Ibsen) and show jumping (e.g. Advocate *Ps*). Graditz also left a legacy through his many excellent daughters. Graditz daughters are just as versatile producers and the ATA stallions and performance horses Bond James Bond (dressage at Prix St. Georges) and Tradition *Pb* (Intermediate eventing) are proof of this. Graditz was originally approved as a premium stalliion in Germany and stood at stud at Klosterhof Medingen for one season before he came to the US. His parental half brothers were the outstanding sport horse sires Arthus and Friedensfürst, the latter a successful international dressage stallion with Nicole Uphof and Lisa Wilcox. Graditz sired several approved sons for the ATA such as the mentioned Advocate *Ps*, Dichter, Donnerkeil, Ibsen, Lausbub, Holster, Pennent, and A'Osiris.

Schabernack, the background of this stallion line, was a State Stud stallion at Marbach in Germany and besides his most important son Rondo, also sired a number of exceptional daughters. For the ATA, the CCI** winner and Olympic Longlist member Amethyst gained significant influence - his dam was by Schabernack. Rondo himself was successful at S level in show jumping and sired several outstanding show jumpers in the Hanoverian breed, where he was approved as well. The mare family of Graditz goes back to the mare Gitta by Alarich. This line produced such stallions as Grandezzo, Giscard, Grande Planeet, Görlitz, Gelria, Grimsel, Griset, Gregor and the Grand Prix dressage stallions Gershwin and Glanzlicht (CHampion in NMS 1994).



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Tzigane *Pb* at the NMS Gala show in 2010 and at the Stallion Show in Majenfelde with 4 of his daughters at liberty



In competition:

Harry Houdini *Pb* o/o Hennie by Münchhausen TSF. With Sara Mittleider successful up to CCI** in the US

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Sayyida o/o Pr.St. Schöne Symphonie by Polarpunkt. Successful at CIC* in the US. Full sister to the approved Semper Fidelis.

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Zigana (dam is TB x Shire horse), with her breeder and owner Matha Marks successful at preliminary level eventing

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Herzmond *Pb* o/o Hennie by Münchhausen TSF, with his owner, Junior rider Carson Grisham successful in Children's Jumpers

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Memeltanz o/o Mixta by Erzsand - Condus, best friend of the family and a versatile athlete in Hunter classes and eventing

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Double Clear o/o Dorina by Benedict N AA


Foals born in Germany in 2014:

Filly by Tzigane *Pb* - Trocadero - Condus

Filly by Tzigane *Pb* - Troupier AA


First German foal crop in 2011:

filly o/o Holey Cheese by Kasparow

filly o/o Heidi by Connery

colt o/o Honeymoon by Parforce

highspirit stand

highspirit stand

Trafalgar o/o Teeblatt by Kaiserdom - Connery as a 3yr old gelding, first trip to the cross country park in Süsel.


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